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Occupy Wall Street : Kill Whitey

October 24, 2011


Computer that detects pain

September 15, 2011

I suppose another application for this is investigating workers compensation claims:

In tests the computer was more than 80 percent accurate in detecting which brain scans were of people in pain, and it was just as accurate at ruling out those who were not in pain.


Quebec seeks to further impose on freedom of speech

August 28, 2011

Ever since Trudeau decided that Canadian rights come from the government and not from God, all kinds of fun things have been happening.  The most recent, Quebec culture minister, Christine St-Pierre seeks to require state licensing of journalists.  What could possible go wrong there?

During a well-attended Monday morning press conference held in Montreal’s Grande Bibliothèque, Christine St. Pierre, Quebec’s Minister of Culture, Communications and the Status of Women, informed the city’s media that she intends to hold a series of public consultations before going ahead with the government’s plan to impose a new regulatory system upon the province’s media. Based upon a number of recommendations found in the recently released (January,’11) and much debated Payette Report, St. Pierre said she believed the public must be allowed to have its say before the government went ahead with any one of the report’s several recommendations.

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A Diamond Planet? Bling Bling

August 27, 2011

A planet made of diamond, but it’s 4000 light years away.  That’s only 6 years away at warp 7.

(Reuters) – Astronomers have spotted an exotic planet that seems to be made of diamond racing around a tiny star in our galactic backyard.

The new planet is far denser than any other known so far and consists largely of carbon. Because it is so dense, scientists calculate the carbon must be crystalline, so a large part of this strange world will effectively be diamond.


Israeli woman escapes from German captor. 2011.

August 25, 2011

A woman escaped from a DIY torture chamber rigged with eight bombs designed to detonate when her German captor had finished with her.

Despite being handcuffed the unnamed woman, 26, made her escape by diving head-first through a window that had been covered over with barbed wire.

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Seattle’s colossal green jobs fail

August 18, 2011

That “many of the jobs are administrative” really sums it up here.

McGinn had joined Vice President Joe Biden in the White House to make it. It came on the eve of Earth Day. It had heady goals: creating 2,000 living-wage jobs in Seattle and retrofitting 2,000 homes in poorer neighborhoods.

But more than a year later, Seattle’s numbers are lackluster. As of last week, only three homes had been retrofitted and just 14 new jobs have emerged from the program. Many of the jobs are administrative, and not the entry-level pathways once dreamed of for low-income workers. Some people wonder if the original goals are now achievable.



Study Says Drudge Report Drives More Traffic Than Facebook & Twitter Combined

August 14, 2011

News aggregator Drudge Report, which employs two people in addition to founder Matt Drudge, continues to be one of the largest traffic drivers to content sites, according to a study released Wednesday by Outbrain.

Drudge Report, which gained notoriety for publishing the first report on the Monica Lewinsky scandal during the Clinton presidency, was responsible for 6.85% of traffic within Outbrain‘s publisher network. And that’s a roster that includes The New York Times Media Group, The Atlantic, MSNBC and Mashable.

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Falcon Punch

August 13, 2011

Now Cellphones Don’t Cause Brain Cancer: More Garbage Science

August 3, 2011

More correlation study based garbage.  Pay attention, and these medical, health, nutrition, environmental, and other loose science flip-flop on issues repeatedly.

“We did not find that young mobile phone users have an increased risk for brain tumors when regularly using mobile phones,” says study researcher Martin Roosli, PhD, of the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, University of Basel.


More child pole dancers

July 28, 2011

BOLTON, England – Family campaigners have blasted a British fitness group for teaching pole dancing to girls aged seven — and putting pictures of them on the internet.

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At least they’re not three… that’s progress or something, right?