Occupy Wall Street: An Open Letter to Jon Stewart


An open letter to John Stewart, and pretty much any “useful idiot” regurgitating the ridiculous left wing talking point that the Occupy Wall Street Protests are the “Tea Party of the Left.”

1. In over 2 years of Tea Party protests and rallies, held all over this country, which were attended by more than  3 million people, not one Tea Party person has been arrested or charged with a crime.

2. In just over two weeks, more than 1,800 ACL’S have been arrested for assault, trespass and destruction of  property.

3. Tea Party people bathe, wash and change their clothes on a regular basis, the ACL’S, not so much.

4. After every rally, march or demonstration, the Tea Party has left the area where they gathered cleaner than it  was when they arrived.

5. In contrast, the ACL’S not only hold a low esteem value of themselves, but also of private and public property, as they throw garbage where they stand,  defecate and urinate in doorways and sidewalks and empty trash cans on the streets and in buildings.

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ht SDA.




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