Quebec seeks to further impose on freedom of speech


Ever since Trudeau decided that Canadian rights come from the government and not from God, all kinds of fun things have been happening.  The most recent, Quebec culture minister, Christine St-Pierre seeks to require state licensing of journalists.  What could possible go wrong there?

During a well-attended Monday morning press conference held in Montreal’s Grande Bibliothèque, Christine St. Pierre, Quebec’s Minister of Culture, Communications and the Status of Women, informed the city’s media that she intends to hold a series of public consultations before going ahead with the government’s plan to impose a new regulatory system upon the province’s media. Based upon a number of recommendations found in the recently released (January,’11) and much debated Payette Report, St. Pierre said she believed the public must be allowed to have its say before the government went ahead with any one of the report’s several recommendations.

more. ht SDA


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