Canada Post Strike / Lockout and Government Employee Unions


Governments should not be involved in any service that is non-essential.  Any service that the government provides should be considered essential to the public interest.  The private sector should duke it amongst themselves providing all non-essential services.

If a service is essential, it should not ever be interrupted.  Government workers should not be allowed to unionize.  Yes, they may wish to work collectively to negotiate and discuss better working arrangements.  However, striking (and therefore interrupting)  a service considered essential to the public should be illegal.  Secondly, workers can simply choose other occupations like most people who don’t like their jobs consider doing.  Thirdly, a little dose of “suck it up” is sometimes appropriate.  Working for a living is always going to suck to some extent.

The government should look seriously hard at all services and apply this logic.  Decommission  all branches of government that are non-essential. Cancel the abilities of unions to hold their fellow citizens hostage.


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