The Majority and The Anger


Stephen Harper won his majority, and even though the NDP had its best showing in history, Facebook and twitter are full of angry and/or sobbing rants from leftists who feel that their entitlement to power was denied this election.  How they got the idea that somehow the left would seize power is a good question to begin with, but still not as interesting as their reactions.

If you are a conservative on Facebook or Twitter you know what I am talking about.  Undoubtedly you’ve seen posts full of anger and hate.  Some are almost hilarious in their doomsday prophecies, while others reveal a disturbing hatred of the differently minded.

The left dehumanize the right.  I even saw one joyful flower child begging anyone happy with the Harper majority to look inside themselves and hopefully find something that a human is supposed to have in there.  Clearly voting left is a perquisite of humanity.  The left demonize opponents because it is part of their manifesto, at the very core they believe that anyone who disagrees has to be fundamentally flawed.  It is the antithesis of their view that the human condition can be perfect through central government. They will hate you for disagreeing.  The level of anger in some of what I’ve read reminds me that it’s not so crazy to think the western left would go Tiananmen Square on us if they had the chance.

The young left especially carry the rage.  This is likely because leftists politics are marketed as a shortcut to intellectualism.  It takes much more than the average youth’s attention span permits to convey the history and philosophic tenants necessary to understanding any given political model.  So, the left offers the simple trade: hate the right and be smart like us.  Saul Alynsky outlines this tactic in his book Rules for Radicals.

Disagreement and strong debate are the foundation of politics.  In the absence of knowledge, hatred and dehumanization are the leftists’ bricks and mortar.


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