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Home Values

May 31, 2011



Western Canada:



Throw your freedom of speech on the barbie

May 31, 2011


step one:

Australians may have a love of plain speaking but new laws are set to curtail some of their more colourful language with police issuing on-the-spot fines for obnoxious swearing.

The country’s second most populous state Victoria is due to approve new legislation this week under which police will be able to slap fines of up to Aus$240 (US$257) on people using offensive words or phrases.

step two:

arbitrarily expand the definition of offensive.


The Canadian version




May 31, 2011

Al-Jazeera footage captures ‘western troops on the ground’ in Libya

May 30, 2011

Armed westerners have been filmed on the front line with rebels near Misrata in the first apparent confirmation that foreign special forces are playing an active role in the Libyan conflict.

UKRAINE: Muslim girl, 19, ‘stoned to death after taking taking part in beauty contest’

May 30, 2011 (graphic content)

A teenage Muslim girl was stoned to death under ‘Sharia law’ after taking part in a beauty contest in Ukraine. Katya Koren, 19, was found dead in a village in the Crimea region near her home. Friends said she liked wearing fashionable clothes and had come seventh in a beauty contest. Her battered body was buried in a forest and was found a week after she disappeared.

One of the three Muslim murderers – named as 16-year-old Bihal Gaziev – is under arrest and told police she had ‘violated the laws of Sharia’. Gaziev said he had no regrets about her death because she had violated the laws of Islam.

Germany commits electric suicide

May 30, 2011

Evidently Germans are hungry for high utility bills and brown-outs.   Seriously, shutting down 25% of the grid?  Obviously this is a pathetic attempt by the center-right government to win over the left wing vote.  Won’t work.  They’ll still hate you. And so will the rest of the Germans when their electric bills go up 300%.

Good luck with the riots.

Marines beat down robber

May 30, 2011

Circumcision Ban to Appear on San Francisco Ballot

May 18, 2011

of course it does.

How much does renewable energy cost?

May 18, 2011

Nevermind that:

Ethanol and Biodiesel comes with food shortages.  Food riots are fun.  You can make some biodiesels from fryer grease and other waste, but there’s only so much of that available.

Wind energy consumes habitats, shreds birds, and causes a variety of other health problems.  And it only works when the wind blows just right.

Solar energy requires exotic ores that come from strip mining third world countries, which used to be bad until it was green.

USS Cesar Chavez

May 17, 2011

from the comments at the LA Times:

“Cesar Chavez firebombed buses, threatened innocent people, sexually harrassed underlings, had affairs with the wives of union members and ran the UFW like a megalomaniacal dictator. Why are we honoring him with a Navy vessel?”